Web Applictaion Development Services

Diyam Infotech covers the full range of web development services from a static web development to dynamic enterprise application development. We support from small business website development to enterprise web development using different technologies.

We use most modern user interface technologies such as CSS, HTML5, AJAX, JavaScript, jQuery, AngularJS and Bootstrap for our web development projects. We support PHP using CodeIgniter, WordPress frameworks, ASP .NET, JSP, JSF and Single Page Websites, which support both mobile and desktop platforms.

Services Provided

We are providing the following services. If the client want more customized solution, please contact us.


We provide shared hosting with Godaddy. If the customer want custom solutions to deploy on Amazon or Azure cloud based hosting service, we support building and deploying cloud Solutions. We also help to host using Customers account.

Social Media Integration

We integrate applications with major social media Facebook, LinkedIn, twitter and Google+ accounts. The users of client can share, like or post on social media websites. We helps client to setup their accounts on social media. If the customer want to provide login using social media, we implement.

SEO friendly

Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of affecting the visibility of a website or a web page in a web search engine's unpaid results. We support building website SEO friendly.

Contact Form

We support building the contact form and feedback forms. When the user enter the details in contact form, we send email to customer provided email ID.

Google Map

We support for building the location using google service. We add the missing places on google map and link with website.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a freemium web analytics service offered by Google that tracks and reports website traffic. We support building the solutions on top of free services. IF customer want more future, We will analysis and support.

Chat Support

We provide chat facility using third party free services. If customer want more customized chats or build any chat service, the customer needs to pay based on the requirement.

Free maintenance

Diyam provide three months free maintenance with support. We customize the website based on user requirements and fix any issues free of cost. We will charge yearly basis after 3 months free period.

Project Execution Process

  • Requirement Gathering from Clients
  • Analysis the requirement
  • Provide estimation and get approval from Client
  • Design & Construction
  • Data Storage and Maintenance
  • Testing/Quality Assurance
  • Warranty Support

Requirement Gathering from Clients

Our Web Development practice has consultants with expertise in gathering client business requirements, analyzing them and translating into functional requirements in order to map to Web Applications using Open Source and Microsoft Technologies. Our deliverables include but not limited to Business Requirements Document (BRD) and Requirements Traceability Matrix (RTM).

Design & Construction

Consultants from our team are specialized in designing & constructing Compensation Plans and Plan Elements. Typically, deliverables from the Requirements Gathering & Analysis Phase is used as the input for designing compensation plans for ensuring business continuity and supporting organizational change management.

Data Storage and Maintenance

Diyam uses Hosting Providers (ex Godaddy) or Cloud (Amazon) to host the web application based on Client Requirements. We use SQL and NoSQL solutions to store the data.

Testing/Quality Assurance

Diyam has very good Quality Assurance (QA) group specializes in testing Web Applications. QA team is engaged from the Requirements Gathering phase of the implementation to understand the requirements and plays a key role in assisting business users during User Acceptance Test (UAT). In the QA spectrum, we offer full White Box testing and Test Automation.

Warranty Support

Our implementation services for all Web Applications provide Warranty Support for the contracted duration. This provides peace of mind for clients as our team is available to pitch-in and assist any implementation issues after the Web Application is deployed into Hosting Provider or Amazon.